Important Announcement: Current delivery situation due to the coronavirus

[The text below is from a letter distributed February 25.  Click here to download a pdf file copy of the letter.]

Dear business partners,

The coronavirus outbreak has become a global issue.  For this reason, many companies justifiably fear for the security of their supply chain.  It is therefore important for us to inform our partners as best as possible about the current situation.

As a globally active group of companies with international locations, we are also affected by the precautions to contain the coronavirus through our plant in Shanghai and other production sites of our suppliers.

The Chinese New Year has been extended by the regional government until 10.02.2020.  After this date, however, work in the production plants can only be resumed after a government inspection (evidence: disinfection plan, preventive measures, stock of face masks).

Our own production facility in Shanghai is already back in operation, but some of our suppliers still need official approval from the authorities.

Most of the Rosenberg Group’s products are currently not affected by a delay in delivery.  Should the situation change, the processes defined within the Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH for alternative procurement of the affected components will take effect.  In such a case, we will of course contact you immediately.

If there should nevertheless be delays in delivery, Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH considers the current outbreak of disease – classified by the WHO as an international health emergency – as a case of “force majeure”.


Kind regards
Jorg Noe
Managing Director Sales / R&D