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More New Ecofit Constant Pressure And Constant Airflow Blowers Now Available

CHARLOTTE, NC –Rosenberg USA is expanding its offering of constant pressure and constant airflow blowers with new 180x180L EC double inlet models from Ecofit.  A new standard pressure/airflow model is also available. Constant pressure…Read More


New Ecofit High-Efficiency 250-mm Fans Boost Airflow, Reduce Noise

New Ecofit-brand high-efficiency E-Series backward-curved impellers are now available from Rosenberg USA in the popular 250-mm (9.85-in) size. The new 250x50R impellers offer major improvements in airflow, and operating noise.

Ecofit E-Series fans…Read More


Rosenberg Adds Sizes To Expand Line of High-Efficiency E-Series Backward Curved Impellers

Rosenberg USA has expanded its high-efficiency E-Series backward-curved impeller line to include 12 models ranging from 12.4 to 22 inches in diameter. The E-Series is designed for high-flow and low to medium pressure applications…Read More


New Ecofit EC Single-Inlet Blowers With Standard, Constant Pressure and Constant Airflow Models

CHARLOTTE, NC – Rosenberg USA has introduced a new family of single-inlet Ecofit forward-curved centrifugal blowers with 115 or 230-Volt UL-Recognized EC motors. They are available in standard airflow/pressure, constant airflow and constant pressure…Read More